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Damon & Elena + interrupted

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otp meme: [1/5] kisses

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I don’t give a fuck I’ll reblog this whenever I see it

always and forever reblog

I cackle like a fucking LOON every time and reblog it without fail.

I guffaw everytime this comes across my dash. Every. Time.

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"Nina actually made out with the award and jokingly called Ian “jealous!”"
— (x) Nina during MTVU Awards

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Ian Somerhalder at LAX (July 25, 2014) 
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i would take naps in forests every day if bugs didnt exist 

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Damon and Elena won in the “Ship of the Year” nomination at the mtvU Fandom Awards at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. x/x

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Damon is teasing Elena in the bathtub, so she decides to give him a pretty special show.

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fifty shades of grey the movie trailer

  • you got me looking so crazy right now

          your love got me looking so crazy right now

          got me hoping you save me right now

          your kiss got me hoping you save me right now

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Candice Accola on Set - TVD 6x01

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The lights go out and I can't be saved.
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